The best thing about our services is that they are owner estimated and owner supervised. We’re involved every step of the way and that gives our clients a straight path to the boss, every time.

Pool Services
Our teams of hard working and thoughtful professionals provide complete and comprehensive pool services. Everything from maintenance to repair including:

  • Filters, Pumps & Heaters Supply & Automation
  • Pool And Spa, Service Maintenance and Safety Equipment
  • Structural Repairs
  • Fiberglass Resurfacing
  • Chlorine Generators – Supply & Installation
  • Deck O’Seal
  • Pool Lights
  • Unclog Lines
  • Acid Washing Underwater Repair

Janitorial Services
Blue Balance Pool Service also offers janitorial services, which include the cleaning of pool area restrooms, clubhouses, laundry rooms and other community common areas.
Services include:

  • Sweep and wash pool decks.
  • Empty trash cans, install new liners and remove all trash from premises, clean all trashcan lids when needed.
  • Stock all restroom supplies.
  • Clean and sanitize all restroom fixtures (toilets, sinks, urinals, etc.).
  • Sweep and wash restroom floors, clean all restroom chrome, clean and descale showers and drains.
  • Vacuum and clean clubhouse. Windex windows when needed.
  • Clean laundry room: mop floors, empty trash and wipe down surfaces.

Owner Direct – Straight Talk – Straight Away Response

Whatever your needs or situation, Blue Balance won’t waste time talking about the problem; we want to act on it as soon as you need us.